Banana, strawberry, raspberry…
A revolutionary seasoning that makes the most of different fruits

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As a dressing

Try the BEAUTY SOY SAUCE as a dressing, also mixed spices and oil, like olive oil and black pepper, or an aromatic sesame oil, shallot and garlic mix.

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- About to Beauty Soy Sauce -

Produced by a long-established brewer founded in 1879 in the remote Tatsuno in Hyōgo prefecture, this is an all-purpose soy sauce full of fruit juices with no additives and low in salt. Simply pour it over your dishes to bring out their ingredients’ best flavour. Enjoy it on steaks, salads, carpaccios and many other dishes.

No-heat fermentation

Soy sauce, also one of the prides of Japan, to the dinner tables of the world! With the wish of making soy sauce easier to use for people from all over the world, 2 years were spent creating this low in salt and healthy versatile seasoning. BEAUTY SOY SAUCE: taking down barriers to cooking.

100% pure fruit juice

A selection of 100% pure fruit juices, known for their benefits to health and beauty.

Pure persimmon vinegar

Vinegar produced with a traditional natural-fermentation process, with persimmons as the only ingredient. Instead of the usual sourness, this vinegar has a mild sweetness to it. Pure persimmon vinegar is said to contain 3 times more potassium than black vinegar and 10 times more than rice vinegar, making clear its obvious effect of lowering blood pressure.

Oil-free, no additives

Free of any chemical additive, artificial flavoring or alcohol.

Low in salt

only 7.1% of salt per 100ml, versus the average 18% in normal soy sauce.


Idea as a healthy natural dressing or marinade for meats, fish, salads and any dish your imagination suggests. Try it also mixed with olive or sesame oil, lemon, spices or mustard.

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